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Why context should be a fundamental part of customer engagement

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There is context and then there is context. Context is about nuance. It humanises customer engagement. Context is what makes interaction natural.

The world of Q&A has changed a lot. We used to be happy when we could deliver the right information after somebody asked a question on a website. That was the main goal — to answer questions. It was all about getting the right information to the right person when they asked for it.

We accomplished this together. Google brought it to the consumer, CX Company brought it to enterprises.

We developed systems that could run dialogues, create decision trees and got to work. But that never gets you much further than simply answering a question.

How we humanise interaction

How do we make it more natural? How do we approach the natural way people interact with each other?

Customers want to be treated in a relaxed and personal way

We have to understand what your intentions are and what you are trying to accomplish. We have to know what your customer journey is.

What is your personal history with the company, what was your journey so far and what are you trying to achieve?

When we know this, we no longer have to give everyone the same answer but we can start to consider your context. Who you are. We can make it personal.

What can I learn about you? You want to build a profile that has evolved from one a few years ago. It is no longer just about hard facts, it is about your relationship with the company. It is about who you truly are.

For example, how tech savvy are you? When my mother has computer issues, she may go to her provider’s website and ask: “My internet is slow. What to do?” But when I have the same problem my question would be different since I understand technology better; perhaps a detailed question regarding my proxy settings.

When you do online self-service well, you will often not give the same answer twice, as you will take any available context into account to inform the guidance you offer. In the example above, one answer will be more tech based, the other will be more descriptive and will really take my mother by the hand when trying to resolve the issue.

It’s clearly different to the traditional way of answering questions.

How do we make this happen?

We use the data from each and every time we engaged with the customer. That’s the starting point.

When we implement our customer engagement platform DigitalCX, we ask the project manager for tons of information. We use all of the context we can get our hands on to make answers personal and engaging. We use information from your CRM, header data, trackers and everything else that can help us develop good customer profiles.

But when we go live, that’s when the real fun begins. That’s when we really start to learn. When customers start interacting with DigitalCX we learn how we can make conversations personal and relevant. Customers teach us much more about who they are than a project manager ever can. When customers start interacting with DigitaCX, we start to learn and use the nuances of each and every customer.

We learn to develop advanced customer profiles. We are getting better and better at this and it’s incredibly important for context.

Context used to be about what you were trying to achieve. Now it’s more about who you are. That’s how we give every customer an intuitive and natural dialogue.

The customer relationship

Using data from all the previous interactions we have had with you, the system determines the optimal way to engage with you. It’s part of the present. It’s always relevant.

Your CRM offers many context variables that make the conversation more personal

Everything that happens is part of it. It’s easy for an account manager to answer how the relationship with their clients is going. There’s usually some tension. Risks. Opportunities. That’s normal in the B2B market.

But in the B2C market the relationship isn’t always clear. Social media helped reveal this issue. All of a sudden consumers could share their frustration online for everyone to see. We had never been able to approach consumers in a personal and nuanced way and that’s why consumers were frustrated. Social media made us realise that it was time humanise customer service.

You need to make tailored customer profiles to humanise interaction. If we get into an argument today, then that will influence our next conversation. Everything that happens influences our relationship and how we interact with each other.

That’s why we approach customer interaction from the journeys that take place. We use all the data that’s available. This is a fundamental part of context. You cannot simply answer a question if you want to achieve personal and real engagement.

Part of your system

When context is the starting point of the dialogue with customers, then it’s important to make this a fundamental part of your interaction system. If your system isn’t flexible — when you cannot use all available data to create a good answer — then it can become an incredible expensive and elaborate operation since you will to hack together several databases.

For many, that’s the reason to not do anything. And then you can never have personal customer engagement. Then you will never truly engage with the people that matter most to your organisation.

The system you use has to work smoothly and must get smarter every day. It has to evolve in line with new insights and data that in turn allows your customer profiles to become increasingly advanced.

It has to recognise questions. Create dialogues. And it should be easy for the admin to contextualise the interaction.

It has to be effective and easy to use. So that was the starting point when we set out to develop DigitalCX.

It needs to run smoothly under the hood. The drag and drop functionality needs to be intuitive and it should be time effective. You need to save time doing the basics, so you can focus on the areas that truly make a difference.

Put the time you save towards journeys. That’s how you can bring your organisation to the next level of customer engagement. Develop advanced profiles that are more human — go the extra mile. That’s how you create true engagement. That’s how you build and maintain a relationship on a human and personal level in a digital landscape.

This is where the world of customer engagement is heading. CX Company is ahead of the competition and we intend to continue leading the way.

DigitalCX has everything you need to take your customer engagement operation to the next level. There’s no other system that has the same core functionality as DigitalCX. We are developing the most advanced technology to humanise customer interaction.

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Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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