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Webinar series with our partners

Enjoy a series of webinars from us in the coming weeks. This page includes diverse webinars given by our partners to you. Browse through and register for the ones you’re interested in.

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10:30- 11:30 BST

16 September 2020

Chatbot Mythbusters Webinar

Join our interactive session with partner IPI and clients to bust some of the myths surrounding chatbots.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from two of our clients that have implemented a chatbot seamlessly!

Orbit Group and NI Water will bust some of the myths surrounding chatbots and provide insights into their experience: where to start, challenges, recommendations, and future plans.

A Q&A session will take place so you can ask any of the presenters or technology experts on the panel questions. We will also run an interactive poll throughout, with the findings displayed to all participants and attendees. The results of which will be discussed by the panel.


12:00 - 13:00 BST

22 September 2020

Empowering fashionistas to self-serve with a Virtual Assistant  Webinar

Enjoy a webinar with partner Engage business media and client Missguided!

Leading fashion retailer, Missguided introduced its virtual assistant in 2018 to make the user experience more intuitive and reduce the amount of contacts in their contact centre.

Scott Barker, Head of Customer Service, will share their journey and results!


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