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Enjoy a series of webinars from us in the coming weeks. This page includes diverse webinars given by our partners to you. Browse through and register for the ones you’re interested in.

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11:00- 11:45 CEST

7 July 2020

The collections sector, like others, is acutely affected by the impacts of Covid-19. Companies who are exposed to consumer debt must now look for new ways to engage customers which are effective, empathetic, and cost effective. To help organisations with this complex and cost sensitive activity we are using Conversational Chatbots delivered via SMS, Voice, Email, Rich Media Messaging or WhatsApp to drive increased collections rates.
We know it works as a leading high street retailer has increased its debt collection success rate by 35% and decreased its collection costs through using our collections bot. An omnichannel approach that relies on more than one channel to contact customers, results in less customer churn, quicker payment, and, most importantly, a better customer experience.

In this webinar you will learn more about the case and the 7 advantages this technology solution would provide to your business too.



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