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The no brainers in conversational AI - Using a chatbot to improve your conversion rate

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When people think of chatbots they often think of a simple FAQ bot that provides answers to basic and repetitive questions. But chatbots can do so much more. Chatbots provide you with an effective marketing tool, allowing you to increase your conversion rate and build brand loyalty.

Chatbots offer personalised experiences at scale

When interacting with a prospect, whether that be via phone or live chat, you stand more of a chance in converting them into a paying customer, by providing them with a personalised experience that makes them feel valued and special. The same applies to a chatbot.

Once you know more about your prospects – their location, the device being used, their journey so far, the page(s) where they have come from – you no longer have to provide them with the same answer. Instead, you can provide a custom answer based on the context of your user, turning the interaction into a relevant and personalised experience.

Chatbots can replace webforms with conversational and engaging dialogs

It’s a fact – prospects are often dropping out of the sales funnel due to poor user experiences.  How often do you find yourself about to complete a purchase or sign up for a subscription, only to be turned off by a lengthy and unengaging webform? Probably quite often.

Chatbots can replace your static webforms by collecting input in a much more natural and conversational manner. The bot can talk back to customers while taking their details, perhaps even telling them a joke. In addition, by tapping into context, they can offer the user personalised content specific to their situation.

For a Dutch insurer, A/B testing showed that replacing several static forms with conversational dialogs, boosted the conversion rate by 35%. Powered by DigitalCX, these conversational dialogs provide the insurer’s prospects with fun & engaging dialogs designed to keep them in the sales funnel.

Other industries that made their sales funnel conversational, saw a stable uplift of 5-10 % in their conversion rate.

In short, it’s proven that conversational forms uplift conversion rate and increase revenue.

Chatbots provide your customers with an instant response

In today’s digital world, customers expect an instant answer to their question and expect their transactions (making a purchase, updating personal details, etc.) to be handled digitally. They don’t have time to trawl through pages of information to find info about a product, nor do they like calling up a company to make simple changes to their product or service.

The most advanced chatbot platforms, such as DigitalCX, enable you to easily integrate with existing CRM platforms. This allows you to automate a plethora of transactions, ensuring the customer gets his job done quickly and smoothly, often without the need for human intervention.

Chatbots can manage every part of the customer journey

From product awareness all the way through to purchase and returns, a bot can manage every part of the customer journey.

Often an overlooked feature, chatbots provide an excellent marketing tool. By offering users proactive greeting messages, offers, or product recommendations via a bot, your users become aware of your products before they even think of beginning to search. And through context, you can tailor these marketing campaigns to specific user groups.

Once your prospect has progressed into the purchase phase, a bot can handle all parts of the transaction, from taking the payment & delivery details, to confirming the purchase.

A chatbot should be on your Christmas list!

In the run-up to the festive season, chatbots provide you with a great opportunity to take advantage of the increase in online traffic. Not only do they allow you to provide a superior customer experience pre-, during and post- purchase, they cut your operational costs, take the strain off customer-service agents during the busiest time of the year, and help boost your conversion rate. If ever there’s a perfect time to utilise a chatbot, it’s now!

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Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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