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The no brainers in conversational AI - Hybridizing live chat with a chatbot

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In today’s digital-first world, live chat should be an integral part of your customer service strategy. Chat adoption rates have risen from 38% in 2009 to a staggering 65% in 2015 , while 63%  of millennials state they prefer having their basic support questions answered by live chat versus traditional contact channels. It’s clear, live chat is winning the race in capturing the hearts of the digital-savvy. Waiting time is often negligible, queries are answered (almost) instantly, and best of all, the customer can multi-task while engaging with the live agent.

While live chat promises a satisfying customer experience, is your live chat system really operating at maximum efficiency? Probably not. Let us walk you through the latest developments in Intelligent Assistance technology and show you how hybridizing your Live chat system with a chatbot can generate reductions in operational costs and further improvements in customer satisfaction.

Serving those repetitive queries through Conversational AI

Live chat agents are plagued with a continuous flow of basic questions which are often repetitive in nature. By utilizing the right conversation platform, your chatbot will be able to answer most of those high-volume, low-urgency queries, giving the live chat agent more time to focus on the more important and complex queries.

It’s a win-win situation. Response time is instant, leading to improvements in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, as the bot learns from customer interactions and becomes equipped to take on even more queries, total cost-to serve is reduced significantly.

Seamless escalation to live chat

When a complex query arises that cannot be answered by the bot, or a customer simply wants to speak to a human, a chatbot can ensure a seamless escalation to Live chat. By identifying the customer and his/her question through the bot, the first part of the conversation is automated.

The bot is then equipped to route the customer to the live chat agent most suitable to handle the case, while seamlessly transferring a transcript of the automated part of the conversation to the live chat agent. By automating the first part of the conversation, average handling time is reduced. And by routing the conversation to the most suitable agent, redirecting the customer mid-chat to another agent becomes a thing of the past. It’s a first-time fix.

Choosing the right platform

By utilizing CX Company’s conversation platform, DigitalCX, you can offer your users a cost-effective chatbot with a simple handover to a live chat agent when necessary. Set up is easy and ROI is generated from day one.

Through NLP and supervised machine learning techniques, CX Company’s chatbots are equipped to handle thousands of enquiries per day, ranging from basic repetitive enquires to more complex enquires like making an insurance claim. What makes the platform truly unique is that it is built with business users in mind. All of the content that needs to go into the chatbot is added via a simple drag and drop interface. No need to learn how to code.

With advanced API capabilities, the chat log can be pulled out of the chatbot conversation and sent to the live chat agent most suitable to handle the case.  For the likes of several leading Dutch energy suppliers, this method has reduced average handling time by as much as 30 seconds, generating significant reductions in operating costs.


It’s a no brainer. It’s time to disrupt your customer service strategy with a human-bot combination. By doing so, you obtain the best of both worlds: your customers get their jobs done quickly, whenever and wherever they want, while your business’s customer support costs fall as you scale up your chatbot operation.

Why not arrange a meeting to discuss the future of your company? Find out how CX Company can help you to increase your online conversion and get results from having better conversations with your customers. 

Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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