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Search is the start of every customer journey



When you want something, you search.

Sometimes on Google, sometimes directly on a company’s website. It doesn’t matter which device you’re using, you usually type in some keywords and hope to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

We depend on technology to get us what we want… and that’s ok.

Most companies spend quite a bit of money to identify the customer journeys that we take. They want to know the steps we take and the decisions we make to get what we want. In a customer journey there is one moment where a customer very clearly states what he or she wants, and that’s in the search bar.

It’s better to keep things simple. That’s why we compare everything we do to a traditional shop experience. A small local store where you’re a regular and the owner knows your name.

When you walk into this shop to tell the owner that you’re taking your business elsewhere, wouldn’t it be strange if he didn’t talk to your directly? Wouldn’t it be weird if he fired a bunch of questions at you regarding your cancellation with little coherence?

Questions like:

– Are you sure you want to stop shopping with us and not another company?

– Are you moving? Then you don’t have to cancel your subscription.

– Experiencing issues? Please contact customer care.

Make customer service personal

A shop owner probably wouldn’t keep the lights on very long if he responded like this. That’s why a real person in a real store would never act this way.

He would talk to you. Ask you what’s the matter.

He would talk to you and listen. He would use everything he knows about you to change your mind in a kind way. He would truly engage with you.

That’s the natural way humans interact with each other

In real life, a store owner would talk to you about your needs and see how they would resonate with his products. When you ask a question, he seeks to understand your intention. He seeks to solve your issues and make your customer journey successful.

We need to humanise the web

When you consider what goes on in the real world, why do most companies still not get it right? When you ask a question, you generally get a list of results.

This can be on Google or on a company website. The list can be more or less advanced. Sometimes it’s spot on, but at the end of the day it’s still a list.

There’s a great difference between returning search results and actually engaging in a dialogue with customers.

What’s missing? Context.

Search is always the start of a journey

People don’t want to go to your website to search for something. They want to achieve something. They want their questions answered and more: there’s something behind each and every question that needs to be understood and acted upon.

The intention behind a search is what truly matters.

Does the customer have an issue with a product? Does he or she want more information regarding your products or services. Does the customer want to make or cancel a purchase?

DigitalCX, our customer engagement platform, is there to replace your non engaging search options. It’s an AI powered natural language processing guide. It turns your search box into a digital concierge that helps customers get what they want.

DigitalCX logo

Sometimes, it may not be that obvious what your customers are trying to achieve. DigitalCX will then ask for further details, getting to know more about the context and intention. And then it can help make every customer journey successful.

DigitalCX guides customers towards action. It is their personal assistant — tailored to their location, device or connection. It’s digital engagement.

Concluding words

Companies should no longer treat search as a siloed function. They should treat it as the start of a customer journey. They should consider the person behind the question. What is his or her context, intention and ultimate goal?

Want to give customers a better online experience? Start using DigitalCX as your customer engagement platform. Get in touch with one of our consultants and we would be more than happy to tell you more how DigitalCX can help your business empower its customers.

Why not arrange a meeting to discuss the future of your company? Find out how CX Company can help you to increase your online conversion and get results from having better conversations with your customers. 

Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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