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The no brainers in conversational AI - Replacing webforms with conversational dialogs

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How often do you find yourself bored out of your mind while filling out a lengthy and unengaging webform? I’m guessing quite often. While webforms have evolved from the traditional paper form, not much has changed in terms of the user experience. Most webforms offer users the same tedious experience.

Goodbye webforms. Hello conversational AI.

Customer expectations are changing. Customers expect an engaging & personalised digital experience that allows them to get their job done (almost) instantly, through whichever channel is most convenient. To win the customer’s loyalty, businesses are increasingly finding themselves having to compete on the customer experience.

Think about the last time you ordered a pizza over the phone or in store. Did the employee taking your order interact with you in the same manner as a webform – “Name?” “Pizza?” “Address?”. No, of course not. That would have resulted in a very awkward situation.

The power of chatbot technology and conversational AI has transformed the way in which we interact with our customers. It allows us to converse with our customers in a conversational & personalised manner via all digital channels, exactly what today’s digital-savvy customers prefer and react well to. So, why are companies still interacting in such a static way, given the alternative?

It’s time to bring in conversational chatbots.

Chatbot’s have many uses. The most advanced bots not only provide answers to FAQs, they handle complex transactions like changing an address, making an insurance claim etc. But without conversational features, your transactional chatbot amounts to not much more than a bog-standard webform.

Enter conversational dialogs.

When done right, chatbots can replicate human conversations and provide engaging & personalised experiences at scale.

Think about a static ‘change of address’ webform. This may involve filling out 10 or more fields, all of which are repetitive and dull in format. Then there’s the frustration of your web-browser auto-filling fields incorrectly. Your customer is left frustrated by the slow and tedious process.

On the other hand, a chatbot allows for a more meaningful interaction. The bot can talk back to your customer while taking their details, perhaps even telling them a joke! Additionally, by utilising APIs and tapping into context, you can offer these customers a truly personalised & relevant experience. Let’s say your customer is mid-way through a ‘change of address’ dialog. After the user enters the name of his/her new town, the bot replies with a fun-fact about the new town. Customer engaged? Check.

New opportunities

By keeping the customer engaged, your customer is less likely to drop out of the dialog. This makes room for new opportunities like up-selling. Let’s say your customer has almost reached the end of a dialog to purchase a product/service and has so far been satisfied with the bot interaction. It’s the perfect opportunity to offer an add-on.

The results

For a leading Dutch pet insurer, transforming its static quotation webform into a conversational dialog has proven effective. By utilising CX Company’s conversation platform, DigitalCX, it offers its users a warm, proactive dialog which immediately loads when opening the chatbot. Information entered by the user, such as the pets name, is used throughout the conversation to personalise the experience, e.g. “Oh, so Jack is a greyhound? We’ve got the perfect insurance package for your 4-legged sprinting friend….” As a result, this pet insurer has improved customer satisfaction and increased its conversion rate by 35%.

DigitalCX – the no.1 platform for building a conversational chatbot

When making the transformation to conversational chatbots, it’s important to choose the right platform. With DigitalCX, users are presented with a simple drag and drop interface where they can easily build and maintain complex conversation flows. Moreover, with advanced API capabilities and out of the box context, users are equipped to offer their customers compelling & personalised experiences at scale.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you transform your customer experience!

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Dirk Jan Dokman, CCO CX Company
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