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Technologie in contactcenters: quo vadis ?

Opgetekend door Frans Godden @thocc op 17 oktober ’19

How do you stack up to platform X?

A question we are regularly asked is ‘How do you stack up to platform X?’. Here are four facts about…

Introducing AI and our journey to content automation

Throughout 2019, we focused our roadmap on bringing more AI into the platform to take advantage of the developments in…

Chatbots taking the pandemic by storm

During this global pandemic, the adoption of chatbot technology is accelerating rapidly. Not only are chatbots being used to take…

A day in the life of a Software Developer & Researcher

My name is Colin and I’m a Senior Developer & Researcher at CX Company. I was born and raised in…

5 content strategies for creating a winning chatbot experience

Ensure you deliver a natural conversation flow. As more and more companies begin to deploy bot technology, conversational writing becomes…

Employee in the spotlight: Deanna Beckers

Tell us about yourself I’m originally from the Sunshine State – Florida. Nineteen years ago, I got married to my…

Employee in the spotlight: Iris Maessen

Tell us about yourself I’m Iris Maessen, born and raised in a small town in the south of the Netherlands.…

The no brainers in conversational AI - Replacing webforms with conversational dialogs

How often do you find yourself bored out of your mind while filling out a lengthy and unengaging webform? I’m…

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