(Junior) FrontEnd Developer

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Ever had a bad customer experience on a website where content wasn’t personal and relevant? We have, and CX Company mission is to change that. We help our customers declutter their customer experiences and make sure they offer personal and relevant content at all times on all channels.

Want to help out?

We are looking for a JavaScript Developer for our office in Maastricht. It’s a laid-back office with people from all over the world. In between writing code, you can work on your German, French, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch!

What you will be doing

Together with a small team of UX/UI designers and other frontend animals, you will be building cool stuff for our clients. We are the brains and the craftsmanship behind virtual assistants and chatbots for companies like KLM, Coolblue and Simpel, among many others.

Your responsibilities

  • Build great conversational interfaces together with our UX designers.
  • Develop new features to make sure our technology stays ahead of the pack.
  • Debug and fix performance and browser compatibility issues.
  • Maintain and update the existing projects.
  • Guide other developers to use our service with examples and best practices.

Skills and qualifications

  • Good problem-solving skills: bachelor thinking level.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Love building things that people use and enjoy coding.
  • Eager to learn from your peers and share your own knowledge.
  • Not afraid of making mistakes.
  • Good communication skills and good English command.

Nice to have

  • Working experience as a frontend developer.
  • Published code that we can review together.
  • Experience with any of these:
    • JS Frameworks. We use VanillaJS and Vue (and still some jQuery).
    • Version control. We use Git.
    • CSS preprocessors. We use SASS
    • JS bundlers. We use browserify and webpack.
    • JS testing. We use Jest and Mocha.
  • A favorite JavaScript design pattern.
  • Some Dutch knowledge.
  • A secret pleasure on debugging mobile Safari browser (f.k.a. IE8).

What you get

  • Cache Cash
  • Genuine career opportunities in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Ability to work on the cutting edge of customer engagement.
  • An international experience.
  • Great colleagues.
  • Amazing coffee.
  • An office in one of Europe’s coolest cities.

Interested in joining our dream team? 

Want to know more about our team and company? Send us a quick message to get in touch at work@cxcompany.com.

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Albert Heijn’s new Allerhande Facebook Messenger chatbot is built by CX Company partner Makerstreet with our conversation platform DigitalCX.



Our first chatbot

In 2005 we developed our first chatbot for MSN Messenger. This Rabobank chatbot helped customers discover if they qualified for a loan.

OXXIO Digital Service App

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Dutch energy company OXXIO, announced their customer service will become 100% digital. OXXIO “O”, the chatbot inside the app, is powered by DigitalCX.

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We are focused on keeping things simple. DigitalCX is so easy to use that we can have your smart chatbot live within 8 weeks. 

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We have our roots in Rotterdam and are expanding across Europe. We have offices in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. With our partners we have global reach.

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