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“Hey Google, put the music a bit softer.”

“OK, when would you like to watch the music show in Sofia?”

“NO NO, I said make the music softer!”

“Sorry, I don’t understand you, please try again”.

“OK Google, lower the volume”

*5 seconds later*

“Your Bluetooth speaker is not available”


Does your voice assistant do everything other than what you would like it to? We get it. Speech interfaces require a different approach in design and recognition, among other things. Although the Google Assistant offers excellent speech-to-text possibilities, a successful voice-activated journey ultimately depends on the quality of the chosen conversation platform. How do you deal with the variety of user utterances and nuances for example? And how do you technically reconnect that platform to the hardware?

In this workshop we will do exactly that: we will build a complete dialogue, ready to publish to the Google Assistant. We will look at setting up and handling intents, the operation of so-called deep linking and how we can read and use additional parameters. Alongside this, we will follow the best practices for designing conversations. Google’s open “Actions SDK” will be used, which enables us to connect with every platform, so technical knowledge is certainly desirable for this workshop!

Date: Thursday, March 28 10:00 – 16:30


09:30 Doors open
10:00 Setup of the Google Assistant
11:00 Principles of Conversational Design
11:30 Explanation of technical tools & architecture
12:00 Introduction to our user journey: Pizzas!

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Overview of DigitalCX, our conversational platform
14:00 Working out the user journey in Node.js
15:30 Test the journey and prepare for release
16:00 What’s next?

16:30 Drinks!

Location: Microlab, Kastanjelaan 400, Strijp-S, Eindhoven

About the host

Maarten Dings – Creative Technologist for CX Company

Maarten helps companies innovate and move forward faster. He explores and applies latest trends in technology by leveraging the power of human-centered design- thinking and doing. Having a technical background, he is capable of translating business needs into technical solutions. This empowers companies to move more successful from concept to market within a highly dynamic, fragmented and often insecure environment.

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Do you want to improve the efficiency of your contact center? Or increase your conversion rates? Contact us and we will show you how.
Do you want to improve the efficiency of your contact center? Or increase your conversion rates? Contact us and we will show you how.
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