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6 ways to use a chatbot to engage customers & improve sales this Christmas

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Christmas is almost here! In the fight for that all important market-share, brands must not only compete on price this Christmas, they must also consider the customer experience. With the help of a chatbot, you can differentiate your brand by delivering a superior customer experience that will enthral your customers before, during and after Christmas day.

Here are 6 ways to delight your customers with a chatbot this Christmas.

1. Answer those repetitive & common questions.

We get it. It’s the busiest time of the year and your call centre is flooded with questions. Your customers are enquiring about everything from product specifications, pricing, to returns info. And some are even looking for advice on what to buy for their 80-year-old grandfather. It’s unlikely that your call centre is open 24/7 to serve though queries, so unfortunately that’s a lot of missed opportunity to help & engage customers who prefer to shop during non-business hours. With a bot however, you can serve those queries any time of the day and provide an instant response to the customer. A bot never sleeps!

2. Provide gift recommendations.

One of the greatest challenges in life is knowing what to buy for an elderly grandparent. If only there was something/somebody to lend us a helping hand…..

Enter chatbots!

Chatbots can provide an engaging & conversational alternative to a boring product page with hundreds of filters. When I’m searching for a gift for my grandfather, I don’t have the patience to sieve through thousands of products, brands and colours. What I’m really after is a personalised & friendly service that will handpick 2 or 3 relevant products for me, based on meaningful information I have provided such as my grandfather’s hobbies, interests, style preferences etc.

A chatbot can probe the user to specify what they’re looking for, by asking a set of predefined questions. Based on the user’s input, the bot can respond with a set of relevant products retrieved from the product database.

3. Greet the user with proactive, personalised messages and offers.

With a chatbot, you can easily push relevant & personalised greeting messages & offers to the user. By tapping into context, you can tailor your content according to the user’s situation (the page they have come from, the items they’ve been browsing, their location etc.).

So, why not treat your users to a ‘virtual’ advent calendar full of personalised offers this Christmas?

4. Handle transactions.

With the help of a bot, your customer has finally found a perfect gift! Your customer is engaged and has been satisfied with the conversation they’ve had with the bot so far. Now what? It’s time to offer the user a seamless transfer into the final stage of the sales funnel – the all-important transaction stage!

By integrating the bot with a payment gateway, your bot will be equipped to handle the entire transaction process. No need for the customer to navigate to a separate payment page. Best of all, your bot can chit-chat with the user while taking their details, ensuring they don’t leave the sales funnel.

5. Offer post-sale advice & returns.

A chatbot isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life! Post-Christmas, your call centre will be busier than ever! Customers will be enquiring about returns, exchanges, product info, and much more.

To maximise the value of your chatbot and take the strain off your customer service agents, it’s wise to consider other chatbot use cases, such as post-purchase product advice and user-friendly returns management.

6. Help your customers get back in shape!

We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment, stepping on the scales after a Christmas feast and discovering you’ve gained 5 kilos. Well, fear not! A chatbot is here to help you shed some weight!

Developed in our DigitalCX platform, the MiGuide app is the go-to app for diabetic patients. Through the app, MiGuide provides guidance on the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and provides personalised advice based on data inputted by the user. Additionally, the app gives users insight into their medical data and enables them to easily get in contact with a medical professional if required.

Final thoughts

Not only do chatbots provide you with an excellent marketing tool in the run up to your busiest time of year, they can help you improve the customer experience before, during and after the Christmas season. In an increasingly competitive market, the customer experience is what matters.

Are you ready to differentiate your brand and ensure a superior customer experience pre-, during and post- Christmas? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you transform your customer experience this season!

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Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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