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A Customer Engagement Platform

Customer engagement is much more than simply answering questions. It’s about guiding customers and helping them reach their goals. DigitalCX enables you to automatically engage customers in a personalised way via virtual assistants, chatbots, apps and wearables.

DigitalCX is superior in natural language processing, intelligent knowledge management and personalisation. It powers millions of customer interactions per day and services over 80 enterprises.

Create customer journeys

You have an ongoing relationship with your customers. Therefore you need to engage with them more than just at the checkout. Successful enterprises know how to always be close to customers and guide them through their journeys.

DigitalCX enables enterprises to sell, service, notify and coach customers across any device or platform. It uses context to make engagement personal and effective. And the best thing about automating customer engagement: your customers always get a response!

Across any channel or device

DigitalCX is the core platform that powers millions of customer interactions in a personalised way. It can be deployed across any digital channel or device so you can always be close to your customers. You can deploy it as a virtual assistant on your website, connect with social media platforms like Messenger, WeChat and Telegram, or use it to send personalised notifications within your own app or on your website.

Manage knowledge resources

Content required for successful customer engagement evolves. Products are being added, policies change and questions may vary over time. It means you need to keep your content up to date at all times.

DigitalCX is self-learning and helps content editors understand which information is outdated, being asked for or gets negative feedback from customers. The smart workflow makes DigitalCX easy to manage without having to write a single line of code, enabling you to always stay current.

Monitor, maintain, improve

When thousands of customers use your services daily, you need to optimise everything. It’s important to understand what customer want to know so you can improve their journeys.

DigitalCX makes it easy to monitor all customer engagement with dynamic dashboards. Its clever workflows enable content editors to maintain the content in a secure and structured way, allowing you to improve the operation continuously.

  • NLP: Understand your customer’s questions

  • Semantic search: Understand a customer’s intent and context

  • Context: Use a customer’s context to make engagement personal

  • Integrations: Connect with every open API imaginable to generate context

  • Business rules: Trigger actions based on customer input and data

  • Data: Collect and use it to get better every day

  • Content: Create engaging content in an easy and structured way

  • Workflows: Manage your content secure and collaboratively

  • Security: DigitalCX is secure and enterprise ready

Professional services

DigitalCX is easy to manage. With little practice your content editors should get lots of value from the platform. However, we have an experienced team of consultants and editors ready to assist you.

Our editors help you keep content up to date and personal. Our consultants help you improve the operation and keep it aligned with your corporate strategy. Our services are being offered in a subscription based model and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Unlock the full potential of customer engagement. We develop intelligent virtual assistants, chatbots or notification apps.

We develop intelligent virtual assistants, chatbots and notification apps.

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