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Employee in the spotlight: Iris Maessen

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Tell us about yourself

I’m Iris Maessen, born and raised in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. I started at CX Company almost 11 years ago and my roles have varied quite substantially throughout my tenure. Prior to starting at CX Company, I obtained a degree in Chemistry. Studying a STEM subject meant I was naturally exposed to a lot of programming, statistics and data, which put me in a good position to kick start a career in a technical role.

What is your role at CX Company?

I am currently working as a BI developer in our development team, where I am responsible for designing & creating an intuitive set of dashboards which allow our customers to obtain insight into customer behaviours and outcomes. A large part of my role involves designing and creating the dashboards, making sure the data gets into those dashboards and advising on what data we need to log and how it needs to be logged. It’s often a case of investigating what’s going on, trying things out, and learning by doing. Of course, it does help that I had some programming exposure from my studies.

When I first started at CX Company, I started out as a Content Analyst. During that time, we were a full-service company, meaning we did everything for our customers, from setting up their chatbot, to maintaining it. I later took a stint at being a Content team leader for one of the first big international projects, and then moved through various areas, working as a trouble-shooter, platform trainer and as a member of the technical support team.

I’ve always had the chance to learn new things and work across different areas at CX Company, and this has been great for me.

What drew you to CX Company?

I saw the advert for Content Analyst for a company that wanted to enable people to self-serve via bot technology, and that required people to maintain these bots. And what I liked about it was that it encompassed two parts – a technical part and a language part. Two things which I have a big passion for, so: “bring it on!”

What were your first impressions of the company like?

When I first started, I was amazed by how flat & open the structure is. The CTO is often on hand to answer questions or engage in a bit of general chit chat, regardless of your role or seniority. It’s a truly inclusive environment where everyone has a say and chance to progress.

Best of all, we have many different nationalities in the office and everyone gets along very well. This international environment exposes you to a nice mixture of different perspectives that you won’t get in many other places.

How has CX Company evolved over your tenure?

Our previous platform was not very user friendly and required significant investments in training to get users up to scratch. As such, we did almost all (well, at least 90%) of the work for our customers. Now we offer an intuitive drag & drop platform which allows customers to do 100% of the work involved with setting up & maintaining a chatbot. There’s no longer a need to have technical knowledge to use DigitalCX.

On the reporting side, we went from offering long lists of interactions to our customers (well good luck with analysing that), to out of the box dashboards which are easy to read and analyse. We now even offer custom dashboards on request.

What do you like most about your role?

What I like most about my role is that I am in the middle of everything. I’m in the Development team because the data presented in the dashboards is central to maintaining a good chatbot, but I’m also the first point of contact for our Support team if users don’t understand something, or something if doesn’t seem quite right with their data. This means I get a pretty nice overview of what is happening around the company and across projects.

What does a typical day at CX Company look like?

I first check to see if any issues occurred overnight. Once I’ve carried out my checks, we have a scrum to see what happened the day before, discuss what we’re working on today and see if there is anything we need help with. Then I focus on tasks like fixing issues, designing new dashboard features, or taking part in discussions about new features for DigitalCX. If I have some time, then there’s the chance to take a course/training or have a chat with the support team to see if there are any issues that need looking at.

What is your proudest moment at CX Company?

As a Content Analyst, I was very honoured when they asked me to lead the UK Content team. Especially because I am not a native speaker. During that time, I started out testing the first prototypes of a ‘’Missing Content’’ feature that automatically points out content gaps in the chatbot. One of my first tasks as a BI Developer was to improve this feature further, and I am extremely proud of it! I’m currently working on more features like this that help our customers help their customers.

Do you have any plans for the future?

My main focus moving forward is simplifying the dashboard. Our users sometimes get overwhelmed by how many ways there are to analyse the data. Yes, it’s great that we have so much data available out of the box and so many ways to analyse it, but I want to simplify it even more for those who don’t have an analytical eye.

What is your advice to other women looking to pursue a career in tech?

Tech can sound scary and often looks quite intimidating, but it’s all intended to make sense. Take your time to think about it, work it through and a solution should become clear. And if you’re struggling with something, you’ll always find someone to help. Tech guys & tech women love to talk about their work too!

If you are innovative and intelligent, analytical and articulate and want a role in helping companies to improve their conversations and get problems solved, questions answered and jobs done, come and join the CX Company team. 

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