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DigitalCX – an AI driven chatbot platform

DigitalCX is an AI driven conversation platform that helps you to engage with your customers – solve problems, answer questions and complete transactions to get their job done! As a result, you will increase customer satisfaction, decrease call volume or improve conversion rate. Guaranteed. 

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Why do companies choose for DigitalCX?

DigitalCX brings AI like the other platforms, plus more:

  • Low total cost of ownership

    DigitalCX is designed for quick implementation, easy handling and maintenance. A job that your content editors can also do.  This way you save the long and expensive development hours generally required by other AI platforms.  

  • Different user profile

    Unlike other AI platforms, daily management, reporting and maintenance tasks are taken care by the content users versus developers.  It doesn’t just reduce the total cost of ownership, it also makes maintenance a lot quicker. 


  • Data privacy

    Data is not our business therefore we do not merchandise your customer’s data. We are ISO 27001 / NEN 7510 certified which makes us a safe and reliable partner to do business with.

  • Easy maintanance

    Out of the box learning tools with AI to teach your editors what to optimize. 

  • More out-of-the-box features

    With DigitalCX you get features out of the box that you will need for a successful operation of your chatbot. Think of dashboards, reports and  state management; mostly at additional costs at other platforms.


“Prior to working with CX Company, we had tested various platforms, but we were surprised by how simple it was to create dialogs, alter content and analyse data in CX Company’s DigitalCX platform.” 

 Inge van Vuuren, Marketeer at DELA. 


How did other companies benefit from DigitalCX?

  • Efficiency of contact centre

    Our bot has decreased call volumes by 40-50% for major insurance, telco and energy companies, driving a minimum of EUR 100.000 savings annually (in a call centre of 50.000 calls annually).  

    These companies have also seen an increase in NPS by 52% – 87%. 

  • Increase in conversion rates

    Our bot has increased the completion rate of an online application form by 35% at a major insurance company. The rationale behind it is, that by starting up a conversation with your prospects while they are on your webpage builds trust. And if that conversation feels good to them, the chances are high that they will return and buy from you.

  • Central knowledge management base

    DigitalCX has replaced the cluttered knowledge management base of a major telco company. The rationale behind it is, that the CMS system of the chatbot aggregates all the questions that your customers have using their language. Over the time the knowledge base of the chatbot will replace your old knowledge bank, providing you with a wealth of insights for many parts of your business, such as SEO & SEA or Product Development. 

“Using DigitalCX has made it an easy and enjoyable project to work on. The drag & drop features are very user friendly and the dashboard has provided us with a good insight into what our customers look for on our website.”  

Yasmin Inkeroe, Customer Experience Team Lead at Vivid Homes, UK. 

What is DigitalCX

  • The technology

    DigitalCX is a cloud based SaaS platform, securely hosted on Microsoft Azure, and built with best practise for software provision with stability, security and maintenance built in.  Its Application Programming Interface (API) connects with other business systems to process transactions and personalise conversations, and its workflow system enables different departments to collaborate on creating useful dialogues to provide:-  

    • Automated conversations with voice and text across all digital channels and devices  
    • Easy management of contextual FAQs  
    • Natural language in 20+ languages  
    • Knowledge management and conversation design without the need to code  
    • Collaboration between human and machine for control and continual knowledge growth  
    • Handover to live channels when needed for high complex, high emotional or high value conversations 
    • Easy data integration with other smart systems in your front- and back-end for optimisation  
  • Conversational User Interface

    DigitalCX facilitates a conversational UI to drive powerful transactional dialogues and conversation flow across channels. For example, to process requests and execute transactions directly from the dialogue – whether it is on your website, in your app or on social platforms. 

  • Knowledge management 

    Turning customer conversations into valuable engagements requires a database of knowledge assets, ranging from customer intents to industry and company specific patterns, dialogues and content. DigitalCX makes knowledge management simple to use yet powerful enough to turn into automated conversations. Easily connect your own product catalogue and marketing automation platforms with the DigitalCX platform to facilitate sales and after sales service directly from your chatbot. 

  • Supervised machine learning

    With machine and human collaboration, DigitalCXalgorithms detect (emerging) patterns to optimise natural language understanding.  DigitalCXlearns from all its interactions and can detect knowledge gaps based on user interactions. When content is found to be missing, the customer will experience a seamless transition to a live agent for support, while DigitalCX escalates the issue and can propose an answer, offer a solution or schedule a task alerting internal resources that an answer is required. 

Product demo Digital CX

Watch our product demo about the main features of our DigitalCX CMS.

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Why combining business rules and machine learning is key 

Because it works – as opposed to using pure machine learning technology, which is imperfect and so can potentially be an inadequate way to serve your customersThe question and its context may be understood, but providing an accurate answer relies on having enough adequate data that is complete, current, accurate and unambiguous as a foundation. Most companies do not have that. While you wait for the machine to learn it, you fail to provide the speedy and accurate answer your customer is looking for. Besides, it’s difficult to make changes quickly. Contrarily, DigitalCX uses business rules to return accurate answers quickly and uses machine learning to continually improve the product. For example, it escalates unavailable, incorrect or unhelpful responses to humans who then make the changes and the correct answer is already available for the customer.  

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Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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