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Have you ever had a poor customer experience? Like unsuccessfully trying to get things done on a website, subsequently calling the company and waiting endlessly in the queue until you get to talk to a service agent?  We had!

In fact, we believe in a world where customers are happier because they can get the job done themselves and where employees are happier because they can do more exciting tasks than just a robot job.

That’s why at CX Company we developed a customer engagement platform (DigitalCX) 13 years ago. With this platform, our customers can build chatbot solutions to help their clients to find answers to their questions and help them to solve their problems autonomously. The platform is composed of different parts, which include an enterprise content management, artificial intelligence components, self-service solutions on websites, apps and social media like Facebook Messenger.

As a result, we have been changing the way customers and companies interact. This led to a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) and increased conversion rates at more than 60 major brands across 3 countries including OHRA, Eneco, Ditzo, Dela, ING DiBa, ANWB and many more.

Can you help our customers achieve their goals faster and better? Are you an experienced DevOps Engineer who is ready to work with the latest technologies? Join us!


What you’ll be doing

We are looking for an experienced DevOps (Development and Operations) professional to join our growing organization. In this position, you will manage and monitor the infrastructure of high traffic and high availability systems. You will also be responsible for the CI/CD system, to automatize the pipeline to test and deploy the code in production. Attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and a solid knowledge base are essential. You are part of our high-skilled technical team, including .Net developers, front-end developers, BI expert and Support.

General tasks:

  • work directly with the Technical team to test system integrity
  • monitor the system infrastructure, to ensure 24/7 up and running
  • design and implement build, deployment, and configuration management
  • test implemented designs
  • build and test automation tools for infrastructure provisioning
  • handle code deployments in all environments
  • monitor metrics and develop ways to improve
  • provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations
  • brainstorm for new ideas and ways to improve development delivery
  • consult with peers for feedback during testing stages
  • build, maintain, and monitor configuration standards
  • maintain day-to-day management and administration of projects
  • manage CI and CD tools with team
  • handle the security aspects of the infrastructure
  • document and design various processes; update existing processes
  • improve infrastructure development and application development
  • follow all best practices and procedures as established by the company
  • experience in monitoring and maintaining relational database is a plus

Who you are

You are an analytic engineer with extensive scripting experience and with release management experience. You want to deliver Automation as a Service and are a team player. You enjoy working with different people who are responsible for all elements of the development process, such as developers, designers and suppliers. You work simultaneously on several projects and on different levels, either on your own or whilst scrumming in a team. Pioneering on a daily basis, learning from your experiences and sharing information by providing clear documentation. You have knowledge of business as well as infrastructure and are capable of realizing an alignment between both. You don’t just operate on an operational level, you will also help us shaping and implementing our vision of DevOps.

Your personality is a determining factor. You have an inquisitive mind and a strong motivation to learn new things but you also are a very good team player.

Although deadlines are important, there’s always room for personal growth and time to learn, read and listen at CX Company. We’d love to hear your input, ideas and critical notes since it’s also your job to help to outline our vision.

Your background /profile

  • bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, engineering, software engineering, or related field
  • Two years of previous experience in development and operations, or related IT, computer, or operations field
  • Previous experience with software development, infrastructure development, or development and operations
  • Experience with Azure cloud infrastructures, CI/CD tools, .NET, Scrum/Kanban and Agile workflow methodologies
  • strong script skills (for example in Powershell, Python or Bash)
  • extensive hands-on experience in system administration (Linux and Windows) in a cloud environment and platform
  • Up-to-date on the latest industry trends; able to articulate trends and potential clearly and confidently
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management
  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
  • Fluent in English (the main language of the team)
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team player
  • Nice to have:
  • Experience in C#
    • Experience in NoSQL like RavenDB
    • Experience with database SQL (MS SQL and PostgreSQL)

Get in touch now

Want to join the team? Let us know by sending in your English written cover letter and resume to work@cxcompany.com and federico.orlandini@cxcompany.com. See you soon!

Can you help our customers achieve their goals faster and better? Are you an experienced DevOps Engineer who is ready to work with the latest technologies? Join us!


Judith Op den Camp / HR CX Company
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