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How do you stack up to platform X?

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A question we are regularly asked is ‘How do you stack up to platform X?’. Here are four facts about our platform to give you a better understanding.

Fact 1 – We’re an independent conversation platform provider that offers SaaS.
We are not built around Microsoft’s bot framework, nor are we just an interface shell around an already existing vendor. There are platforms out there that will provide you with a different interface but still connect to a different bot vendor under the hood. We run our own proprietary engine which we have developed in-house. We do deploy this to Microsoft’s Azure environment however, because it offers (amongst others) robustness for scaling up and out and has failover mechanisms in place. This has nothing to do with Microsoft’s (or any other) bot framework though.

Fact 2 – We are ISO certified. Your data is safe with us.
When it comes to data protection and privacy, we are one step ahead of our competition. For many businesses, their business model is built around personal profiling and for that to happen, they need data. Lots of data. So it’s in their best interest to analyse the data that’s hosted in their servers. At CX Company, we do not analyse customer data to make our technology smarter, nor do we host that data in our server (unless a customer specifically asks us to). Simply put, we don’t touch your data.

Fact 3 – We use NLP, but we’re also bringing Machine Learning to our platform.
Both Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms are part of what we call Artificial Intelligence. For DigitalCX we’ve (up to recently) chosen the path of NLP. And with good reasoning: NLP allows us to get results really quickly, without having to analyse a lot of customer data upfront. So recognition rate is high from the get-go. Also, with NLP, we can be more specific. For example, with pattern matching in NLP we are able to differentiate between a Mercedes SLK or a Mercedes CLA. Good luck trying to achieve the same with pure Machine Learning. ML will recognize it as a car but will it also know which type of car? Probably not.

The market and (the greater part) of our competitors are talking about intents and entities. These have a background in Machine Learning and are used to find out what a user wants to do. We’d like to just call this recognition – either we have a match or not. Zero or full, no probability, nothing in between. Again, that’s Machine Learning. As Machine Learning efficiency evolves and matures, we’re also bringing it to DigitalCX as well.

Fact 4 – Separation of the business logic from the content.
Our strongest USP is our strategy around content management. We call ourselves a true content-first developer-friendly platform. Everything from patterns, to Q&A’s, to complex dialog flows can be created & maintained by non-tech users. There’s no need to learn how to code. We also have the tools in place to make the life of a developer easier (Setting up webhooks per environment, offering debug logs and showing appropriate error message for example). Additionally, there are not many other platforms out there currently that offer the same amount of flexibility with regard to user roles and content editing workflows.

When comparing this to our competitors, this separation of concerns is never that apparent. You will either need a content engineer to write the logic or a developer to write content. We make a clear distinction between the two by tucking away the setup of the business logic outside of the platform.

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Sori Chionidis, Managing Director
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