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Wir nehmen unsere gesetzlichen Verpflichtungen sehr ernst. Der Haftungsausschluss unserer Website enthält die rechtlichen Verpflichtungen und die Nutzungsbedingungen.

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CX Company Disclaimer


In the text mentioned below, “the site” is spoken of. This refers to the address of http://www.cxcompany.com and all underlying pages. This site is owned by The CX Company. In the text below, this company will be referred to as Owner.


Despite the constant care and attention Owner pays to the construction of the site, it might occur that the information published on this site is incomplete or inaccurate.


The information on the site of Owner is regularly updated, and alterations, where necessary, can be made at all times, starting immediately and without giving any prior notice.

Website visitor is not allowed to publish or reproduce copyright protected work or other information contained in the site of Owner without prior consent of Owner. Copyright property is licensed entirely to Owner, unless stated otherwise.


We cannot guarantee that the information consulted on the site of Owner is appropriate for any purpose. All information, products and services are offered in a state in which they are and without any (implicit) guarantee or warranty concerning their soundness, appropriateness for a certain purpose or otherwise. We cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage of any nature, resulting from or in any way connected to the use of Owner’s site or the temporary impossibility to consult the site. Nor can we be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of information obtained from the site of Owner.

If the owner of a site objects to the fact that this site offers a link to his site, Owner of this site will enter into consultation and will remove the concerned link if so required. Owner cannot be held responsible for the content of any off-site web page whatsoever which contains a link to our site.

Personal data and privacy

If you order products or information through our website, Owner will need some personal data (such as email address, postal address and telephone number). Customer files will not be sold to third parties. In case you want to be removed from our customer files, and you are in fact not a customer in any way anymore, you can send a letter to our head office with the subject “remove from customer files”. We will evaluate the status of your relation with us and, in case the status is inactive, will subsequently remove you from our files as soon as possible.

Content supplied by third parties

Owner has a right to reasonably and fairly alter text and information which has been offered by third parties. If information supplied by third parties or information already inserted is conflicting with the interests of internet users in general and interests of Owner in particular, Owner reserves the right to refuse and / or remove such conflicting information from his systems without giving any prior notice.


In order to facilitate a fast adjustment and / or accessibility of our site, it is important that we place one or more cookies onto your system. The Dialogue Manager is designed on this principle and will not be able to function if you do not accept cookies. The method chosen (i.e. with the use of cookies) enables you and many other visitors to be helped quickly and without large investments.

Brand names

All brand names displayed on this website are registered and non-registered trade names of Owner or third parties. Nothing in this website may be interpreted as any sort of license or right whatsoever in relation to the brand names without prior written consent of Owner or the third party concerned (i.e. brand name proprietor). Any abuse of brand names on this website is strictly prohibited.

Dialogue Manager

The CX Company remains the proprietor of the Dialogue Manager and provides customer with a license. The information generated by Dialogue Manager is the property of Owner and will be regarded as content of the site to which above mentioned clauses apply. The conversation data will be used by Owner as management information and further research to improve the Dialogue Manager. To this extent, only non-personalised information will be used.


Any software made available through this site is subject to accompanying license agreements. Apart from the stipulations in these license agreements, it is determined that software is only made available for an end- user and that any form of publishing, reproduction or redistribution of software is strictly prohibited. Software is made available “as is” and Owner cannot be held responsible in any way for this software.

Dutch Law

Owner manages this website in the Netherlands. Any form of judicial discord is subject to Dutch law and will be submitted to the district court in Maastricht.

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