Easily deploy intelligent assistants, smart chatbots and in-app engagement to improve the customer experience

Artificial Intelligence made easy

CX Company has over 10 years of experience in developing AI powered Intelligent Assistants and chatbots. This experience has been brought together in our conversation platform DigitalCX.

DigitalCX is the easiest way to deploy intelligent assistants and chatbots on your website, in your app or on messaging channels like Facebook messenger.
Here’s an overview of its key elements that help power more than 100 million customer interactions per year:

Enterprise ready

Everything you need to scale

DigitalCX is built specifically for your enterprise needs. It is a secure SAAS platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure, that supports more than 30 languages. Its API connects with all your backend systems to process transactions or to personalise conversations. A workflow system enables different departments to collaborate on creating useful dialogs.

Conversational UI

The best way to build and deploy chatbots

The conversational user interface has rapidly become the standard in customer to company interactions. DigitalCX is designed with real conversations in mind. Its powerful T-dialogs and conversation flow design engine power conversations across channels. Build conversations to process requests or execute transactions directly from the dialog, whether it is on your website, in your app or on messaging platforms like Facebook messenger.

Knowledge management

Turn knowledge into conversations

Having conversations with customers requires a database of knowledge assets, ranging from customer intents to industry and company specific patterns, dialogs and content. DigitalCX comes with simple to use, yet powerful knowledge management to turn all this into automated conversations. Easily connect your own product-catalogue with our conversation platform to facilitate sales and after sales service directly from your chatbot.

Supervised Machine Learning

Machine and human collaboration

DigitalCX makes it easy to improve every day. Our algorithms detect (emerging) patterns to optimise natural language understanding. It will find knowledge gaps and try to fix them automatically. When too little data is available DigitalCX may suggest an answer, solution or schedule a task for your employees to get it done. Meanwhile your customer will be seamlessly transferred to a live agent to get the support he or she needs.

No coding required

Fast to deploy and easy to manage

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, natural language understanding; we understand it can be rather overwhelming. That’s why we developed a platform that is easy to use by your employees that have no coding experience. Your knowledge specialists or trainers in the call center, online service marketers and/or customer journey experts can be trained in a couple of days and become specialists in a couple of months.

Our projects

Build personalised conversations in your app

  • Build new ways of engaging with customers
  • Make it personal with data
  • Help your customer take action
  • <-- Watch the video to see it in action
Our projects

A chatbot on Facebook Messenger to help customers get jobs done.

  • Send updates and notifications
  • Answer questions
  • Give personalised advice
  • Seamlessly transfer to live when needed
Our projects

A virtual assistant on your homepage to increase self-service and help customers achieve their goal.

  • Answer customer questions
  • Solve problems
  • Secure transactions
  • Seamlessly transfer to live contact
Our projects

A chatbot to improve conversion rates

  • Proactively start conversations
  • Personalise with customer input
  • Pre-fill forms from the conversation
  • Or secure the transaction in your systems
Our projects

Let agents effectively answer questions via social media, web chat and email.

  • Smart answer suggestion
  • One click answering
  • Supervised machine learning
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