● Proactively starting a conversation using a chatbot increases the conversion rate by more than 35%.

● During the TV-campaign period the conversion rates were even 100% higher.

● Conversing with a chatbot instead of filling in forms improves the customer experience.

● The chatbot went live within 10 weeks and proved its value within a week.

What our Clients say
  • Quote “Since customers have to fill in a form when they apply for insurance, it was important to find a way to guide them through this process more efficiently. A chatbot turned out to be a fun and effective solution.”
The most highlighted results
  • 35 %
    Increased campaign conversion rate
  • 100 %
    Increased conversion rate when running TV-ad
  • 10
    Live in 10 weeks
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Powered by DigitalCX

Conversational commerce

Integrates automated & live chat

Albert Heijn’s new Allerhande Facebook Messenger chatbot is built by CX Company partner Makerstreet with our conversation platform DigitalCX.



Our first chatbot

In 2005 we developed our first chatbot for MSN Messenger. This Rabobank chatbot helped customers discover if they qualified for a loan.

OXXIO Digital Service App

Personal energy assistant

Powered by DigitalCX

Dutch energy company OXXIO, announced their customer service will become 100% digital. OXXIO “O”, the chatbot inside the app, is powered by DigitalCX.

Start smart

Live in 8 weeks!

With SmartStart

We are focused on keeping things simple. DigitalCX is so easy to use that we can have your smart chatbot live within 8 weeks. 

International growth

Expanding our European footprint

Get in touch!

We have our roots in Rotterdam and are expanding across Europe. We have offices in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. With our partners we have global reach.

From chats to conversations

Humanise digital

Easy integrations

Don’t just build automated chats, build personalised conversational experiences. With our standard API’s, integrating your data into the conversation is easy.

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