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PGGM chooses CX Company as partner for digital customer contact

PGGM, the pension & asset manager for over 2.9 million pension holders in The Netherlands chooses to introduce chatbots, intelligent knowledge base and ultimately a better customer experience.

PGGM wanted a smarter way to digitise and improve customer contact. After an extensive search and RFP process, PGGM opted for CX Company, the technology company that already serves many financial services clients in Europe. CX Company has many years of experience with chatbots and automating customer contact in the digital space.

“The implementation took only 12 weeks”

“Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn, the largest pension fund that PGGM serves, has already started with DigitalCX, the conversation platform. Its implementation took only 12 weeks and is live on“, says Frank Rademakers, Manager Customer Contact at PGGM.

“The bot answers questions about different topics. For example on the possibility to retire early, the impact of a life event on one’s pension such as unemployment or inability to work.” continues Rademakers.

“As of day 1 the bot recognises over 85% of questions”

“As of day 1 the bot recognises over 85% of questions asked by pension customers and their employers. And that percentage keeps rising every day. This is a great first step in our larger mission to make our customer service more efficient and more relevant.”

What’s next for PGGM?

Together with CX Company, PGGM continues to develop digital customer contact. On the roadmap for the short term are:

  • Implementing a smart internal knowledge base for customer service employees that will help them answer more complex questions or queries that the bot finds difficult or that take more time to train.
  • A conversational chatbot that helps customers get the job done through conversational, human-like dialog. Tasks enabled that way include administrative queries and processes behind the secure login.
  • Pro-actively and seamlessly offering transfer to live chat with an employee when the bot signals that it has no answer or that the situation at hand requires human touch.

These are concrete steps that will be realised in the first quarter of 2018. Once realised in full, the PGGM chatbot will guide customers in making complicated choices such as when and what type of pension to apply for thus allowing PGGM pension holders to no longer be dependent on the call centre’s opening hours.

For more information please contact: Wim Rampen, CMO CX Company.

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