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We think the world is better when we can get our jobs done, quickly and simply
With CX Company your customers get an instant answer to their questions, a solution for their problem and transactions are done easily.


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About CX Company

Revolutionising automated intelligent conversations

CX Company has been leading the change to make customers and contact centre agents happier and businesses more effective and profitable since it was founded in 2005. That’s when we developed DigitalCX– an enterprise conversation platform supporting chatbots, artificial intelligence and self-service solutions on websites, in apps and social media channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.  

We pioneered the industry with virtual assistants and chatbots and now offer intelligent assistance through every step of the customer journey.  As a result, we have changed the way customers and companies interact and power more than 4 million automated interactions per day. Let’s not forget the contact centre – by lightening its load, it can become a far more efficient and valuable resource and sales exploiter (your employees are happier too!).    

This has doubled NPS, reduced call volumes and increased conversion rates for more than 60 prestige customer-centric brands across Europe, including Missguided, Telefónica, KLM, Calor, ASR, Plusnet, AEGON, congstar, ING-DiBa, ANWB, Greenchoice and many more.  

When you make customer interactions automated, intelligent and easy to get our jobs done, well… we think that’s pretty smart (and so do our customers). 

What makes CX Company so smart?

  • Simple

    We simplify technology and demystify the hype of tech innovations. You don’t need a degree to understand us and that makes us easy to talk to and easy to work with. We’ve designed our product that way too, so you can focus on your customers and your business while we take care of the technology – it’s what we do!

  • Mature

    We pioneered the automation of digital conversations. Our long heritage is steeped in chatbot technology. Our hi-calibre team bringa wealth of industry know-how and an ever-expanding knowledge base derived from working across a range of industry sectors and terminologies

  • Accurate

    We believe that being good is just not good enoughContinuous learning and development is fundamental to getting smart and staying smartOur technology is based on the same principle – developed principally to combine the best natural language understanding and context awareness to provide the most accurate answer

  • Real

    We are real people with a real passion for our product. We have a growing customer and partner community of like-minded smart cookies who can share their stories of reaching far beyond the technology hype to demonstrate that their proofs of concept gained real results through working with us. All our clients are reference clients – why not let us introduce you? 

  • Transactional

    We are smart enough to know that mutual success only comes from working collaboratively – exchanging and interacting, as partners and with in-house teams; across technology platforms and databases. Our product is smart too – we don’t stop by just giving an answer. DigitalCX can be connected to your back-end systems to get the customer’s job done. For examplenot only can you inform about how to change an address, but actually make this happen through a transactional dialogue.  Let’s get the job done!

Let us show you how DigitalCX works, and how we can help you to get real results and your customers to get their jobs done. 

Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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