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The evolution of automating customer service

The world is being automated and it’s changing our lives. Our homes are smart, our cars drive themselves and many…

Automating customer service for Black Friday

Online sales hit a record $3 billion on Black Friday with over a $1 billion coming from mobile. Most of the sales…

Why the Internet of Things is important for customer service

Our latest project with Dutch energy company Oxxio received lots of news coverage last week. In partnership with web agency TamTam, we…

5 myths busted for automating customer service

In a world dominated by an “I need it now” mentality customers don’t just want their queries solved. They want…

What customer service professionals can learn from screenwriters

Many companies, both on and offline, try to create successful customer journeys by reducing negative emotions and stimulating positive ones.…

Search is the start of every customer journey

When you want something, you search. Sometimes on Google, sometimes directly on a company’s website. It doesn’t matter which device…

Why context should be a fundamental part of customer engagement

There is context and then there is context. Context is about nuance. It humanises customer engagement. Context is what makes…

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Simon Foot - Sales Director, UK & Ireland
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