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Thoughts on machine learning for customer service chatbots

I’m thinking out loud a bit about machine learning strategies for customer service chatbots. Bear with me. More question than…

Thinking about the parts of customer service that should never be automated

Whenever self service or customer service automation solves real problems for customers on their journeys to get their jobs done,…

Technology is not crucial for a chatbot, context is.

The more context we know – the more relevant and personal a conversation becomes. The same applies to a conversation…

AI, without the BS

We are investing substantial time and effort in helping people to better understand what all the hype around AI and…

Conversation: The interface to value

Last week I visited the Web Summit in Lisbon. A truly great event to meet new people and companies, get…

Conversational Commerce and Humanising the Customer Experience

I think about Conversational Commerce and its impact on Customer Experience for some time now. How should we develop AI…

Requirements for an intelligent chatbot for the enterprise

Automating customer service is the holy grail. Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate automatic answers for most common…

The evolution of automating customer service

The world is being automated and it’s changing our lives. Our homes are smart, our cars drive themselves and many…

Automating customer service for Black Friday

Online sales hit a record $3 billion on Black Friday with over a $1 billion coming from mobile. Most of the sales…
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Simon Foot - Sales Director, UK & Ireland
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