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Automating customer service for Black Friday

Black friday


Online sales hit a record $3 billion on Black Friday with over a $1 billion coming from mobile. Most of the sales were made on Black Friday itself but the whole week was busy for online retailers. Especially for their online customer service departments.

Millions of people started asking questions ahead of the sale to check up on availability and pricing. Most of these questions were generic and relatively easy to answer. If there ever was a moment to automate customer service with virtual assistants and chatbots, this was it.

With automated customer service you can tackle about 80% of the service questions. Should things get a little more complicated, you can always have the system escalate to a live agents via phone or chat. It’s a great way to service customers quickly and make sure that they’re satisfied.

Our customer engagement platform DigitalCX services multiple large retailers and logistics companies so we were ready for action on Black Friday. We get excited about days like these since they allows us to prove our stability and demonstrate that we truly are the only solution in the market today that’s enterprise ready. We take great pride in that.

We answered over 4 million questions per day and in peak hours we processed and replied to more than 300k questions per hour. That’s 5000 questions per minute! Imagine all these people picking up the phone and reaching out to you on social media. Costs would have gone through the roof and customer satisfaction might have plunged.

These numbers are obviously split amongst a couple of our larger companies but you get the point…


Automated customer service on Black Friday

Most companies are exploring the idea of utilizing chatbots and virtual assistants to automate part of their customer service operation. The above charts should give you an impression of the traffic you can keep online instead of directing it to your live channels. Thousands of questions that your call center staff is currently answering can be dealt with via automated customer service.

If you’d like to talk to us about your current online service operation, please get in touch and we’d more than happy to do a quick check. We will analyse a couple of key aspects of your service operation to make an estimate of how you can benefit from automating customer service.

Why not arrange a meeting to discuss the future of your company? Find out how CX Company can help you to increase your online conversion and get results from having better conversations with your customers. 

Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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