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CX Company breaks through with two new AI features

autoAnswers en autoDialogs


Practical AI boosts the quality of chatbot conversations to get the customer job done

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 22 November 2019

CX Company, the European leader in chatbot technology & conversational AI, released two additional AI features – autoAnswers and autoDialogs. Both features automate content creation on their conversational AI platform DigitalCX. Jeroen Brouwers, CTO & Co-Founder explains “This saves the content editor a tremendous amount of time when building up their knowledge base and creating and improving enterprise chatbots. In addition, these features add extra intelligence to the platform.”


The autoAnswers algorithm scans your website and automatically generates an answer to a question when there is no existing answer. This results in a self-learning knowledge base and a continuous improvement of customer conversations.


autoDialogs uses existing data from the knowledge base to handle ambiguous questions, such as ‘I need help’. Using this data, DigitalCX generates and suggests a dialog. This is a sensational improvement for content editors, who no longer need to build a dialog, but simply approve or amend what the system suggests.

Add-on to existing practical conversational AI capabilities

These two new features add to a collection of robust AI features that CX Company has already developed for its platform, DigitalCX. Other AI features include:

  • Long question engine. Long user input such as long questions, tickets or user feedback are typically hard for a machine to understand. With the long question engine these inputs are understood and a relevant answer is provided.
  • AI Suggestions. When creating intents in DigitalCX, additional words will be suggested to you to improve recognition. These suggestions are generated through machine-learning algorithms that analyse both your project data as well as general open-source data.
  • Missing recognition. This optimisation feature picks out questions that are getting an answer but aren’t being recognised as well as they could be. DigitalCX then provides users with alternative answer suggestions.

About CX Company & DigitalCX

CX Company enables enterprises to set up automated, intelligent and personalised conversations in every step of the customer journey, on any digital channel and device. Its conversation platform, DigitalCX, automates conversations via smart chatbots and online intelligent assistants. Automated conversations that improve customer experience, increase self-service and lead to higher conversion rates.

CX Company handles more than 4 million interactions a day for organisations such as OHRA, TUI, Ben, Missguided, InShared, PGGM, Nationale Nederlanden, AEGON, Robeco, Ditzo, a.s.r., KLM, Talkmobile, Plusnet, Anglian Water and Eneco. CX Company has offices in Rotterdam, Maastricht, Düsseldorf and London. More information can be found at: www.cxcompany.com

For more information please contact: Dirk Jan Dokman, CCO & Co-Founder. dirkjan.dokman@cxcompany

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Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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