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5 content strategies for creating a winning chatbot experience

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  • 1. Ensure you deliver a natural conversation flow.

As more and more companies begin to deploy bot technology, conversational writing becomes crucial. No one likes a bot that is overly robotic. It’s therefore important to involve your copywriters from the get-go, ensuring that the bot delivers a natural, human-like conversation that bodes well with your customers.

  • Ask Questions.

Think about how you would respond if a customer phoned you up and asked, ‘’I need help?’’.  You’re probably going to respond by asking them a question back. If a question is ambiguous, you’ll want to gather as much input as you can from the customer so you can provide the best possible answer. A great bot interaction should replicate a natural two-way conversation, and that means asking questions along the way.

  • Alternate between closed and open dialog.

It’s also important to think about how you phrase those questions you ask. While an open-ended question might seem like the most natural choice, giving the user some closed options can be a wise choice in situations where you want to clearly define the options available to the customer. For example, a pizza shop selling only 4 types of pizzas probably isn’t going to want to allow the customer to type freely to the question, ‘’What pizza would you like to order?’’. That’s just going to cause an unnecessary amount of frustration when the user asks for something that’s not available. 

It’s therefore wise to consider alternating between both forms of dialog. Use open-ended questions when you want to allow the customer to steer the conversation him/herself, and closed options for when you want to steer the customer.

  • Make it personal.

When companies go out of their way to create a highly personalised experience, they often leave a lasting positive impression in our minds. People often think that robots and personalised experiences don’t go hand in hand, but when integrated with your back-end systems, your bot becomes the perfect toolkit to create personalised experiences at scale.


  • 2. Guide your customers.

Why wait for the customer to ask a question? A customer is much more likely to interact with your bot if you initiate the conversation. A proactive message or notification is often all it takes to motivate your customers to interact with your bot and keep them engaged. That could be something as simple as a pop-up message offering some help, or a personalised offer driven by the customers browsing habits.


  • 3. Create a memorable persona.

Getting your bot persona right is equally as important as nailing your content strategy. The right persona and avatar will leave the customer with a positive and memorable impression, making them more inclined to use the bot again in the future.

  • Think about your avatar.

Don’t trick your customers into thinking they’re talking with a human. If your customers think they’re interacting with a human, it’s more than likely they’ll type out their life story. That sort of input is going to be hard for a bot to recognise, and consequently the bot’s response is likely to be sub-optimal.

  • Align the persona and tone of voice to your brand.

Another critical factor is ensuring that your bot persona and tone of voice are consistent with your brand. The bot persona should reflect the way you want your customers to perceive your products/services.


  • 4. Make it interactive.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Spice up your written content by adding some media to the mix. Make your content fun and engaging by adding images, videos, GIFs and emojis. 😉

But bear in mind, media should be used appropriately. Throwing in a bunch of emojis into an answer about a serious subject could potentially damage your credibility.  


  • 5. Optimise your content regularly.

A chatbot deployment doesn’t end once it’s gone live. It’s a new member of your team, an expert who you must collaborate with regularly in order to maximise the ROI. The bot will provide you with key insights into customer behaviour and patterns, and in return you must provide it with the content it needs to react to those behaviours and patterns.

Customer feedback, completion rates, top asked questions…. you name it, the bot knows it all. Collaborate with other teams and use this insight to make informed decisions throughout all areas of the organisation.

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Elizabeth Russell - Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
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