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CX Company recognised by Tractica as one of the key players in the Virtual Digital Assistant market

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CX Company is pleased to announce it has been recognised as one of the key players in the Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) market by Tractica, a leading market intelligence firm.

In its report on Virtual Digital Assistance for Enterprise Applications, Tractica explores the market and technology challenges on enterprise VDAs and presents the key industry players.

“CX Company is a customer engagement company that has built a conversational platform called DigitalCX.” says the report. “The platform uses NLP and semantic search to understand customer intent, enabling companies to deploy VDAs for websites, apps, or on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. CX says customers do not have to have AI expertise or coding experience to leverage the platform.”

Prior to 2017, 90% of CX Company’s sales revolved around FAQ bots. Since 2017, the DigitalCX platform has evolved, enabling users to easily build Virtual Digital Assistants that can handle transactions and utilise context to provide personalised answers.

CCO and Co-founder, Dirk Jan Dokman, adds: “The work is now more focused on handling transactions, helping the customer to complete his/her journey without the need for human intervention. By opening up our platform, we are able to integrate with a plethora of other platforms and CRM systems, enabling the VDA to handle a range of transactions from changing an address to making an insurance claim.

We are completely amazed by the impact of replacing a normal funnel with a conversation. Even if you do completely the same thing as a form, but place it in a VDA, you see the conversion rate doubling or tripling. Maybe some of that success comes from “delight and surprise”, but I think maybe there is a deeper sociological element to it, because conversational interfaces are more human.”

In terms of ROI, businesses utilising DigitalCX see call reductions within the range of 10-15%. In addition, DigitalCX has helped reduce live chat sessions by 1 minute on average and improved the conversion rate by as much as 35%.

About Tractica

Tractica is a leading market intelligence firm focusing on emerging technologies. The group’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. (Overview: Tractica, 2019).

About CX Company & DigitalCX

CX Company enables enterprises to set up automated, intelligent and personalised conversations in every step of the customer journey, on any digital channel and device. Its conversation platform, DigitalCX, automates conversations via smart chatbots and online intelligent assistants. Automated conversations that improve customer experience, increase self-service and lead to higher conversion rates.
CX Company handles more than 4 million interactions a day for organisations such as OHRA, TUI, Ben, Missguided, InShared, PGGM, Nationale Nederlanden, AEGON, Robeco, Ditzo, a.s.r., KLM, Talkmobile, Plusnet, Anglian Water and Eneco. CX Company has offices in Rotterdam, Maastricht, Düsseldorf and London. More information can be found at: www.cxcompany.com

For more information please contact: Dirk Jan Dokman, CCO & Founder. dirkjan.dokman@cxcompany.com.


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Simon Foot - Sales Director, UK & Ireland
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